|about me|

i'm Helen, 0.2 centuries young, in college.
i was born in the central region of California, but about 6 years ago moved to Texas.
i miss the Golden State w/o a doubt + would love to live there again someday. It may be because I am from Cali, but palm trees are definitely on my list of things i cannot live without! This is how i derived the last part of my blog name 'Palmti', because it just may run in my blood.
i have always been into aesthetics, but more specifically fashion & styling. i have done free-lance modeling for a few photographers for 2 years and have always loved reading other fashion blogs. my sister had a love for photography and i had too many clothes in my closet that i never really got to wear, & that's when i started to think about creating my own, where i can showcase my sense of style & share to inspire others through photographic moments and outfits. But i've also always wanted to become a fashion designer in my elementary years, & is still a part of my possible future dreams.
My blog posts start with the concept/inspiration & carry on with the deets of the outfits. This place is a world to express my creativity, combining photography (mainly by my sister) + fashion. i view fashion as paintings that can be worn. i have always been in awe of how human hands can make a blank canvas into a work of art to wear; how we have that capacity in our minds to think up things so creatively with our imaginations. And the more i think about how something as little as fashion can come in so many different forms, the more i praise God for His depths in creativity to have given us the imaginable mind to create beautiful pieces of art. To God be the glory
photo credits: Grace Chang (my sister)
edits: me