Friday, July 17, 2015

rooftop blues

As I have mentioned in my About Me section, the fact that we are able to make paintings we can wear has never failed to amaze me. Our art is a reflection of God's majestic creativity.
As U Wish Dress, New York Transit Heels, Charlotte Russe wallet, Charming Charlie rings

One day I was driving home and usually I would be thinking about other things, but on this one day, I saw to the side of the highway these buildings that had such interesting architecture. I really appreciated their design and structure, with their glass windows reflecting the sky and clouds. Which then brought me to think about how our creativity reflects God's creativity, both literally and figuratively. 
Rooftops are where I occasionally like to take a breath of fresh air. And this blue dress really blended well with this view. I styled it with a white clutch with gold touches to make this overall outfit look fresh and five-star, as that is how I feel when I come up to the rooftops to see God's beauty.
Happy Friday!
♡ h e l e n  p a l m t i
photocredits: Grace Chang, edits: me

Friday, July 10, 2015

life anonymous

Our view can be distorted or blocked by obstacles, even as beautiful as a colorful bouquet of flowers, be it beauty, pleasures of the world, temptations, achievements, wealth & all that can become obsessions, that lead us to stray from our true paths/purpose. As our vision becomes blurred, life becomes anonymous--purposeless--like the faceless silhouette of "me". 
This stream of photos tells a story, but I'll leave it open-ended until the end.
"Obstacles" can be present while we aren't aware; but they also can be existing because we ourselves put them there. In either case, we sidetrack & lose face of who we are until we gradually come to realize that there has been an obstacle (the lone plant) in our way that we need to jump over, or get rid of. We find that the lone plant belongs to a whole herd of flowers. We've found where it originally stemmed from. Now we know what has been keeping us from moving forward and so we "jump over". We finally see our path...
 The "flowers" may wither away, but aren't necessarily gone. This may frustrate us, leaving us hopeless. But we learn to live with it. It's the past that choreographs into future; it's what makes up our lives & who we were made to be. We've got a whole road in front of us. Let's keep walking 'til we reach.....
Some people may say, "Focus on the bigger picture". 
& some others... "Focus on things of eternal value".
I wore blue-green flip flops with the dress to depict the barefooted-ness; to capture the fact that this concept is universal, grounded in human nature.
The white dress symbolizes the absence of color, while in contrast the flowers are vivid with color. 
The "flowers" make us colorful.
♡ h e l e n  p a l m t i
photocredits: Grace Chang, edits: me

Thursday, July 2, 2015


A wise friend once told me that we are each a tiny speck of a dot on the timeline of eternity. And that what little things we do, through anything we are gifted with, can make a vast difference. As a parallel to this, we are each a handful of buds amidst a whole Earth of gardens, just waiting to bloom.
I have been in search of a cute flower garden for days, and what I found was such a beautiful yet small, little section of an alleyway that was just perfect! How more unexpected can life get?? Although I live in the supposedly barren state of Texas, little things like this 'secret garden' exist here, making me want to explore more 

It was such a hot/humid day, that when my photographer and I found this little place, it felt as if we had found an oasis in a desert!! Thankfully there was some good shade too. 
I topped this look with a bright pink, long-sleeve shirt that I folded up into a 3/4-sleeve to make the look more summery & feminine. As for the bottom, I am wearing floral lounge shorts, perfect for running outside on a summer day or just relaxing on a couch; it's such a loose fit, you can dance in it anywhere you go! The last but essential piece to this outfit are the gold sandals that make the whole look more like something to wear out than something to slip on at a slumber party.
♡ h e l e n  p a l m t i
photocredits: Grace Chang, edits: me