Thursday, July 2, 2015


A wise friend once told me that we are each a tiny speck of a dot on the timeline of eternity. And that what little things we do, through anything we are gifted with, can make a vast difference. As a parallel to this, we are each a handful of buds amidst a whole Earth of gardens, just waiting to bloom.
I have been in search of a cute flower garden for days, and what I found was such a beautiful yet small, little section of an alleyway that was just perfect! How more unexpected can life get?? Although I live in the supposedly barren state of Texas, little things like this 'secret garden' exist here, making me want to explore more 

It was such a hot/humid day, that when my photographer and I found this little place, it felt as if we had found an oasis in a desert!! Thankfully there was some good shade too. 
I topped this look with a bright pink, long-sleeve shirt that I folded up into a 3/4-sleeve to make the look more summery & feminine. As for the bottom, I am wearing floral lounge shorts, perfect for running outside on a summer day or just relaxing on a couch; it's such a loose fit, you can dance in it anywhere you go! The last but essential piece to this outfit are the gold sandals that make the whole look more like something to wear out than something to slip on at a slumber party.
♡ h e l e n  p a l m t i
photocredits: Grace Chang, edits: me

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